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This website has been created by the Wickham family, originally to keep in touch with family and friends that we left behind in England, but we have now added information about our migration from London, England to Adelaide, Australia in June 2004 for other people to read. I have been writing a personal diary every day since we arrived in Australia, about our lives and where we go around Adelaide, and have published it all into a blog - feel free to read it, or have a look at our slideshow albums, and you can post messages to our discussion forum. You might also want to look at Christian's links pages for interesting (mostly IT related) information.
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Our visit to Radisson Fiji, July 2010 New Slideshow
Our trips around Fiji, July 2010 New Slideshow
Our return to Devon, January 2009
Before and after the 2010 spring flood New Slideshow
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